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Meet The Team

Harshit Godha

CEO & Chief Learner

Hailing from a tier 2 city himself, Harshit knows firsthand what it's like to miss out on opportunities because his English skills weren't at par with his peers. This awareness was fueled by his observations in college, where he saw even the most gifted students struggling to secure placements and other opportunities due to a language barrier.


Harshit was inspired by these experiences to find a solution to this language dilemma and therefore decided to contribute through

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Ruby Kanth

COO & Chief Coach

Ruby believes in "learning by doing". English is more than just a subject. It is a skill that can be mastered like any other- through practice & the right guidance.

 With over 20 years of teaching/ coaching experience, Ruby believes in explaining the 'why' behind the 'what'. Her motivation stems from the joy students experience when they fully grasp and master a concept.

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Abhinav Thapar


A keen believer in innovative ideas that are expansive and capable of bringing in an impactful change. I hook the ideas and connect the world.

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Aryan Sharma

Operations Maverick

"Process kya hai?", Aryan breathes this question. He is methodical and can get you a process in anything and everything. He leads the operations at Engrezi and is learning how to craft finer processes everyday improving everyone's efficiency.

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Meghna Srivastava

Super Coach

I am a product of life's longing for learning itself.An English enthusiast, I can describe myself as a wordsmith who weaves passions to connect the world with this language. 

I am also a personality development expert who endeavours to make communications impactful and impressive. With my experience and expertize I can generate an environment which helps seekers bloom. 

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Tanya Gandhi

Project Manager & Coach

"Toofan" is her middle name. Tanya does not like non-challenging things. This way or that way, Tanya is always in a hustle to win. She is in-charge for a lot of new initiatives at Engrezi and is also a trained language teacher by pedigree.

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Devyani Sharma


Montessori? Phonics? Phonetics? Kindergarten? Nursery? Primary? Junior School?

If there is a way to teach English, She knows it, and if there is a certification on it anywhere in the world, she has it. 

She loves kids and the process of learning.


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Divyansh Yadav

Student | AI Enthusiast | Full-Stack Web Developer

Currently pursuing is an AI enthusiast who has ideas for the greater good of the society and the will to act upon those.

Machine Learning?Artificial intelligence?Web Development? Python Programming?

He Knows it all. And working forward for making the best user experience at Engrezi.

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Ghanshyam Tiwari

Harvard Kennedy School Kellogg School of Mgmt

NITK Surathkal 

With a deep focus on solving grass-root level education related problems for India, Ghanshyam Sir (GT for us) is our sound-board for all crazy ideas we pursue at His work and tremendous experience helps us figure out the right direction to move in.

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Guneet Singh Bedi

Chief Advisor
CEO | Co-Founder | Angel Investor | Forbes Business Development Council.

I am passionate about using AI, Subscriptions led approach to challenge status quo in traditional markets, and considered a thought leader in participation in Subscription Economy, “as-a-service” offers.Previously held various leadership roles globally at relayr (acquired by Munich Re), Cisco Systems (acquisition of JouleX), Oracle Corporation, and Telelogic AB (acquired by IBM). Multicultural and Lived in various cities in US, India, and Europe.

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Ram Dhan Yadav Katamaraja

MIT Solver
CEO Of Colaberry

Tech entrepreneur committed to leverage technology and education in preparing the workforce of the future. In 2012, founded Colaberry while on a mission to help U.S. veterans transition into rewarding civilian careers. Colaberry has helped over 5,000 individuals from over 45 countries to transition into data analytics and data science jobs.

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Abhay Mehta

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Innovation Advisor

Stanford University

BITS Pilani

Dynamic, market-driven innovator and technology leader. 30+ years in versatile leadership roles from head of R&D in tech multinationals (Hitachi, Dell, HP) to co-founder and CTO of tech startups. Recognized expert in AI and Machine Learning, credited with the creation of many innovative products and patents.

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